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GSEEP of UUM was launched in early 2014 to conduct cutting edge educational and professional training programmes for higher level groups in public and private sectors. GSEEP will be the new hallmark for elite leadership training providing programmes and courses that blend direct practice with case studies and institutional visits.

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GSEEP also offers a range of short training courses and programmes for skills training of staff and fills knowledge gaps in essentials management functions of the organisation.
The AEP provides cross-cultural and enhancement training opportunities specially catered for senior government officials, corporate executives and diplomats who are attached to the government, multinational corporations and embassies.
The GMP will offer global leadership and management skills for serving public officers and managers who are high performing functional executives.

What We Offer

GSEEP helps management staff to achieve individual strategic practice to suit organisation’s needs and solution.

GSEEP improve personal competencies, tackles organisational issues and provide future direction for organisations through lasting behaviour and knowledge change. The range of training subjects that we offer is broad but carefully selected where special custom-made programmes can be offered to meet an organisation’s needs and requirements.

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What We Offer


For me a good education begins with the discipline of learning the mechanic of how to study and do research; i.e. have an alert mind and body receptive to learning. Next is being exposed to as many varied subjects as possible so that at some future time, one has the fundamental knowledge to perk one's interest in continuing self education. Most importantly, one must master the basics of questioning everything so one seeks proven facts and not heresay/fiction. Add to that some common sense to separate expansive theories from reality.


Our Trainers

GSEEP courses and programmes are arranged and managed by its resident faculties and senior resource persons.

Fellow associates from both the public and private sectors are also invited as distinguished speakers and facilitators.

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Our Trainers


Experience, education and certifications are extremely important when working with a trainer who you are trusting to help you achieve your overall goals. You also want to ask your trainer about their formal education.